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Hello, I am EncausticJoy. A Colorado based artist  that uses wax and specialized techniques to make varying types of Encaustic art. There are different outcomes with each technique. Some pieces are 3D and require sculpturing and hundreds of layers. This is a long and slow process. Other paintings incorporate my personal photography from my mountain high adventures. These pictures are then torched into the beeswax and then layered with colored Encaustic wax. This creates an illusion between reality and mountain fantasy. My third type of Encaustic art  involves melting and painting wax which is then torched into beautiful dances of colors. All of my artwork feels like an extension of my soul. I hope you can receive the same enjoyment from looking at my art as I feel making my creations.  

What is Encaustic (wax) Art

Encaustic art is an ancient Greek technique that incorporates beeswax, damar resin (tree sap), and pure pigments melted and mixed together to form colored wax blocks. Then the blocks of colored wax are melted and used as a painting medium. Each layer of wax must be torched or heated in order to secure it to the layer below. This enables me to create an unusually stunning depth to my art pieces.  


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Write ups & Expositions

A Write up by: RoadKala Arts

EncausticJOY: An Encaustic Mysterious Flower

Joy Schank, around 15 years ago when lying in bed after a surgery her mother sent her a

paint by numbers. She quickly finished it and realized that she had fallen in love with the

process. This simple present became the way to calm her overactive brain. She started exploring

different kinds of art online. Then she stumbled upon the art of encaustic painting. The idea

getting to play with wax and not have anyone yell at her for messing up the candles sounded

exhilarating to her. She spoke of the way she loves how the heated wax flows next to each other,

but never really mixes. This is something that awoke a creative spark, in Joy.

With patience, love, and dedication she has practiced hard to control the torched wax. She now

has obvious control, and can make the wax, dance the way she wants it to. Creating her beautiful

artwork, following her curiosity for the encaustic. She now also explores this process on

photography as well. When creating photo encaustics, she adds wax overtop of the beautiful

alpine scenery to create a great whimsy to the landscape.

Going by the artistic name EncausticJoy, and finding inspiration from her alpine adventures. The

mountains are the place where she feels most inspired and at peace. She then takes those new

inspirations home, and expresses what she felt during her adventures in the mountains onto wood

panel. Getting lost in her artwork, adds a feeling of freedom accompanying her while painting.

This worthy process has brought her creations to her family and friends, and now to her social

media accounts where all can appreciate her talent.

Inspired by artists like Frida Kahlo, for being fearless and unapologetic. Joy continues learning

and exploring her skills, now with her series of flowers entitled The Dark Flower Series . These

flowers are encaustic (wax) creations with Swarovski elements, which makes them glisten in the

sun. This gives the flowers a mysterious and elegant side which is great to explore and admire.

We invite you to connect with Joy Schank and definitely take a look at her fantastic work.

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Website: www.encausticjoy.com

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